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Hi, my name is Chrissy and I’m the filthy mind behind Wash Your Mouth Out Cards.

I’ve always been crafty and have been creating cards etc. for over twenty years. I have also always worked full time until recently.


Lockdown was very hard for each one of us. I for one had to shield. During the lockdown, my stepdaughter was taken from us in tragic circumstances. My mum fell and declined very quickly, she died in October. And my dad had a massive stroke in November, and I have now moved in to care for him. This meant giving up work. My family and friends thought I really should sell my cards online and so here I am. 


Yes, I have a filthy sense of humour but it’s all in good fun and never taken seriously so, having said that I hope you have too because then I know you will appreciate our cards.

Take care and have a nice day 


Chrissy M 😊

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Growing from a small local business in Lowestoft, we now serve nationwide, providing a wide range of birthday, anniversary, and general cards, we have a greeting card for every occasion. Feel free to look through our catalogue of 18+ NSFW cards to find the right card for that special someone. Read what some fellow card buyers have to say about our exceptional service and quality cards.

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At Wash Your Mouth Out Cards, we think everyone has an inner comedian, and we want to encourage those of you that think you are hilarious to help spread some joy and humour.


That is why we have created the “Create your own card challenge”. We want you to chance your arm at writing a card about absolutely anything, send it to us using the form below, and if we like it, not only will we publish the joke as a card to be sold right here, we will also send you a gift as a personal thank you.

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